Who we are!


James Herd began Pixcelation in March of 2013 based on the principle of creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to create themselves. A graduate of Baylor University in Journalism, he’s written for the Baylor Lariat, and currently serves as a Copy Editor at the Midland Reporter-Telegram. James hosts the video game review series James Plays Games on YouTube, and also oversees the audio production studio Intermine Studios, where he also serves as a writer and voice actor. James is the author of a series of novels currently in production entitled The Intermine Legacy. You can contact him via Twitter @CHAOSignature.


Kristen Sharp is a graduate from the University of Texas San Antonio. She’s been writing fiction and critical-nonfiction works for over four years. Writing for Pixcelation will be her first dive into the world of entertainment journalism. She is a fan of most things Japanese, fangirling perhaps a little too hard over games with the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts brand. She spends her free-time watching terrible midstream 90’s anime and pouring her heart and soul into fan-fictions of comics and games that no one has heard of (and that means NO ONE. She’s checked). She currently works for Workforce Development.


Matthew Hocking hails from Melbourne, Australia and is currently studying Film and Television at Deakin University. He has a funny accent, sleeps when you’re awake and has somehow managed to thus far avoid being killed by all the deadly animals. His interests are wide, encompassing everything except anime (he’s not really sure why). He is long-winded and is secretly an elderly man disguised as a young adult. You can contact him via Twitter @Gavaroc.


Ryoma Ishizuka is an unfocused nerd and complete nutcase who currently hails from the scorching hell that we call “California” (Seriously! It’s HOT over here! Send water!). Ryoma has been writing on-and-off since middle school. He played the violin since 2003, but he took a brief hiatus from it since 2011. He is also very interested in voice acting, and has participated in very small indie projects produced by his friends since 2009. He has also graduated from Heald College, and is a former news writer for Kingdom Hearts Ultimania before it closed down. Ryoma enjoys all things animation, movies, and video games. You can contact him via Twitter @ConfusedPhantom.


Collins Adams is a creative writing major at the University of Houston. For years, Adams has loved reading. He was twelve when he decided he wanted to be a fiction writer. He is a little odd, and has an opinion on everything. Adams met James Herd in high school. After high school, Herd sent him an invitation to join Pixcelation. He has several series he plans to write, but until he finishes, he is happy to write for Pixcelation.

Thomas Barrett1014

Thomas Barrett is a media studies major at Auburn University where he is also a DJ for WEGL 91.1. He is also a freelance editor, writer and production assistant. You can contact him via Twitter @ThomasBarrett55.


John Tee has been writing since high school. He graduated from Texas A&M University, where he served as both a staff writer and copy editor for school paper, The Battalion. He currently works as a full-time copy editor for the Midland Reporter-Telegram and part time as a substitute teacher. He is a lifelong nerd with a particular focus on monster movies, superhero comics, video games and anime. As such, he enjoys writing about the aforementioned topics.

Matthew Thomas Roger Sebastian Mephistopheles Freeman (also known as Matthew Not-Hocking) was created in a freak laboratory accident involving Minimal Talent and vast amounts of Ego™, escaping his hutch when someone accidentally left the latch undone and going on the run, eventually hiding in Melbourne, Australia, where he contributes to Pixcelation to pass the time between collecting welfare checques.

A lover of film, television and general bitching, Matthew is a close friend of Academy-Award Winner Geoffrey Rush*, a top Biochemistry student at Melbourne University** and a talented writer*** who hopes to make you laugh, smile, cry, dream or at least distract you for a couple minutes a pop in the brief time you have before the grave.

Please don’t leave any mean comments. It would offend him dreadfully.

* Sat opposite him on the train once
** Arts student
Mark Alda is a enormous nerd studying creative writing at Australia’s Deakin University. He loves to consume good stories as much as he loves to create them, and his interests include basically a little bit of everything. Once he finds something he likes he becomes a very passionate fan, often to the point of obsession. He’ll talk at length about his interests to anyone who’ll listen, which is in part why he chose to become a Pixcelation writer. In his room are five large bookshelves, packed full of novels, comics, manga, DVDs of movies and TV shows and video-games. His collection makes all his friends super jealous.
Bill Bria

Bill Bria is an actor/writer/comedian with a BA in the visual and performing arts. He has had numerous performance credits, including a principal role on Boardwalk Empire and multiple shows at Caroline’s on Broadway amongst other clubs and festivals as part of his music/comedy duo, Sam & Bill, which he co-writes original comedic songs for with Pixcelation columnist Sam Haft. He’s been a film buff his entire life, a geek for just as long and a gamer despite always losing to his brother’s proximity mines in Goldeneye. You can contact him via Twitter @BillBria.


Sam Haft the comedian has shared the stage with Dave Attell, Tracy Morgan, Todd Barry, and more. Sam Haft the writer has written for Splitsider and Tomorrows Nobody. Sam Haft the actor has worked with Louis CK, Collegehumor, and Joel & Ethan Coen. Sam Haft the human being lives in New York City, with his pet insecurities, Poverty and Failure. You can contact him via Twitter @SamHaft.


Ashley Luna is currently an escrow assistant in Southern California, but hopes to find a future career in writing. She found her love for writing fiction stories at a young age, and self-published her first book Absence back in 2012, when she was a senior in high school. She is now working on the sequel to that book, along with many other stories which include various fan-fictions. In addition to writing, she also has a love for all things Marvel, and enjoys reading as many X-Men comics as she can get her hands on. However, she does have a soft spot for DC’s “Harley Quinn” character, and started reading her spin-off comics, in addition to collecting her merchandise.

Jesse Clary
Jesse Clary was born in Germany, raised in El Paso, Texas, and currently lives in Detroit. He’s been spending late nights slaying monsters and breaking controllers since he was 5 years old. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a minor in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University, Jesse loves to analyze both the technical and artistic aspects of video games and their influence on society. He found a passion for writing in high school and enjoys posting his opinions on his personal site www.jesseplaysgames.com. Also his favorite flavor of Jolly Rancher is cherry.

Richard J. Crowder is a very amateur photographer, but he is enjoying the learning process. His hobbies are pretty much everything nerdy, from manga to anime games and comics.



Kelby Martin is currently a student at the University of Florida’s college of Journalism and Communications. He has held a passion for writing since elementary school, and believes that the public deserves to be informed and have that information be presented in an entertaining and sophisticated manner. Kelby also loves to dissect the smaller details in video games and film, and analyze what makes them contribute to the product as a whole. On the side, Kelby enjoys creative writing and performing as a hobby. His favorite series include Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, and Persona.