Pixcelcast Interviews: Natalie Juhasz of ReVenture Games

RVG_Logo_600 widthPixcelcast Interviews: Natalie Juhasz

In this interview for the Pixcelcast Podcast, content editor Matthew Hocking chats with Natalie Juhasz, lead designer, artist and programmer for ReVenture Games, a small studio specialising in point-and-click adventures. With four short freeware titles under their belt, ReVenture Games are now developing a full-length commercial adventure entitled Platonically, Of Course, which combines dating simluator elements with that of traditional point-and-click.

Join us as we discuss each of these games in detail, as well as gabbing about the adventure game genre as a whole.

You can download ReVenture Games’ freeware titles through Game Jolt and Adventure Game Studio. You can also visit their website and follow them on Twitter for news and other information!