5 Reasons That You Should Be Excited For “DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc”

DR1_VITA_Titlesheet_ENG_packshot Today, “DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc” releases for the PlayStation Vita. Alas, due to its visual  novel styled game-play, a lot of people might pass it up for other, more AAA titles that are being released  today. For this reason alone, here are 5 reasons why YOU should be excited to get your hands on the first  in a series of dark, cynical, intelligent murder mysteries.

 5. It’s basically the love-child of Phoenix Wright and Persona, and it’s a sweet, sweet affair.

Explore a mysterious dungeon of a high school day after day, spending time with various NPCs which  could be killed at any moment. Who will you spend time with? Will you use your time wisely, and spend it  with people who truly matter? Or will you wait until it’s too late? Then, enter into an ominous classroom  trial to determine the person responsible for the murders, using evidence gathered around the school to  convict (and execute) the guilty party.

 4. It’s from the developers of “999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors,” as well as the “Conception”  series.

If you are a fan of intense puzzle-solving games, you’ll love “DanganRonpa.” It’s got enough mysteries going on simultaneously that it’ll leave your head spinning if you aren’t careful. Take notice of the things that people tell you to help solve puzzles and mysteries that may or may not help you escape from Hope’s Peak Academy.

3. It’s one of the most artistically stimulating video-games that I’ve played in a LONG time.

After each classroom trial, the guilty party is executed in a most gory fashion, varying from being pummeled with 1,000 baseballs simultaneously to being crushed under a giant conveyor belt, to being turned into butter. You name it. These executions are accompanied by a strangely stimulating scene in which the art style changes, and nothing can be named sacred.

2. It’s the first in a series of games that, with enough popularity, will become a series that could rival the Persona games.

If there’s anything I can be sure of, it’s that the “DanganRonpa” games have made a splash in Japan. Apparently, enough of a splash to garner a sequel, aptly titled “Super DanganRonpa 2” in Japan, and an upcoming spin-off reportedly releasing this year, titled “Absolute Despair Girls: DanganRonpa Another Episode.” So when you pick up this one, you’ll know that you won’t be left hanging with a one-shot title.

1. It’s inspired its own anime series, which has been licensed by FUNimation for a possible English localization!

“DanganRonpa: The Animation,” which was aired in the Fall of 2013, is a 12-episode anime series detailing the events of “Trigger Happy Havoc,” and FUNimation Entertainment has obtained the license to the series, so it is assumed that an eventual English dub will be releasing, but there has been no confirmation of that as of yet. Also, the existence of an animated adaptation of the second game has been teased, but not confirmed.

So when making that oh so difficult decision of what game to pick up this week, definitely consider “DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.” Are you picking it up today? Let us know your stance in the comments below, and stick with Pixcelation Entertainment for the latest on the DanganRonpa chronology as it continues!