‘SOMA’ looks like an extraterrestrial horror game, but will it exceed its predecessor?


So I just finished watching the four minute trailer for Frictional Games‘ newest announcement, known only as “SOMA.” While I have yet to play one of Frictional’s flagship Amnesia games, I have heard rumors that the level of it’s NOPE. moments is through the roof. This makes me wonder if “SOMA” can exceed, or at the very least meet, its predecessor’s level of quality.

Judging by the trailer, it’s on the right track, however.

The trailer opens up with the player character waking up in what looks like a degraded hospital, which seems typical of most horror cliches. However, it’s what happens next that I’ve never really seen before. A short distance away, what looks like a degraded corpse lies underneath a sheet on top of a gurney. The player character picks up a small metal object close to the corpses head and then it’s made clear that the corpse had its head sawed open, and who or what performed this act took the top half, including the brain.

The player character inadvertently causes the metal object to plug into the corpses half of a head, and by a stroke of luck, the corpse wasn’t a corpse after all. It was alive…by some miracle. Of course, after coming back to a complete halt, it appears that that was only temporary.

The player character goes out into what looks like another medium-sized room and becomes frantic. There doesn’t seem to be a clear way out, until he sees a series of cracks in the wall left of him. Which, for those of you who are well versed in the horror genre, heading for the cracks in the wall always ends well. Not.

After collapsing the wall, the player character winds up in a long, curved hallway that looks like it was inspired directly from a movie about aliens. The first thing that comes to mind is the movie “Alien,” though I haven’t ever seen it. That’s happening more and more in this editorial, isn’t it?

Something falls from higher up on the wall, and it appears to be alive, so the player character stops and hides, waiting for whatever it is to pass. After it does, the player character continues down the random hallways until he reaches what looks like a central hub. Taking off the protective metal casing, he sees a brain. Now, is this the brain that was missing from the corpse? Who knows. All that heard is the player character asking himself what sounds like “is this me?” which is up for interpretation as to what he actually says, of course.

It is then that these mechanical arm-like protrusions come up from out of the ground and begin to severely puncture the brain, which the player character seems upset about. He then passes out, but when he wakes up, a voice…whether it’s his or not is to be determined, though it does seem like it’s his, says “Are you still in there? Am I still here?”

Then, the title card cuts in, followed by the phrase “I Think, Therefore I Am” in both Latin and English, and the proposed release date of 2015, available for PC and PS4.

So what could this game truly be about? It seems like an extraterrestrial horror/suspense title, but that last phrase makes me wonder if it’ll be more psychological in scope. Tell us what you think! Leave a comment down below with your opinions of the “SOMA” trailer, and what you think the game will deal with! Remember to stick with Pixcelation Entertainment for more on “SOMA” as it develops!